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 Welcome to our website!

 We hope you find  some useful services and maybe have some fun while you visit.   Maybe you will also will widen your horizons and worldview as you mingle with some of your fellow Citizens of Planet Earth. 

In March of 2003, Scott McKinney traveled to Greece and Turkey with two friends, Dr. Francis Murray and his niece Michelle. They founded the Citizens of Planet Earth Academy on that trip and the Academy is expanding out again here in 2008.  During their travels together they had come to regard themselves as Citizens of the Planet, not just citizens of a single nation-state.  Plato's Original Academy in Athens Greece seemed to be the logical choice of place to have the Founding Ceremony, it was a wonderful day, one that looked at the past and saw a New Future.

The Academy has since been involved in many different activities from Peace activism to Environmental Healing Work for the Planet.  All religions are respected at the Academy. Our hope is to heal some of the division by recognizing our collective and individual humanity first and foremost.  Intentional Living is our model of being here on this planet to seek new and innovative ways to live a full life in the 21st century.  We Believe  Simplicity and Technology can work together for a better way of life.

There is much work to be done, so pull up a chair and lets talk about what we can all do to help Earth become the Place we ALL KNOW IT CAN BE! 


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